I expect my clients to be professional, respectful, and prompt. I value your time, and expect you value mine as well. Please read the following carefully.


Upon your arrival, I'll generally greet you with a hug and a kiss, unless we've discussed a different arrangement prior to our date. Please place your gift on the table in plain sight in an unsealed envelope, and excuse yourself to the bathroom for a short moment.


Very similar arrangement to incalls, just please place your gift in plain sight for when I arrive.

all dates

Please be clean and fresh, or be prepared to shower if I request you do so. Please do not arrive early, as I need that time to relax and prepare myself for our magical time together. There will be a clock in view at all times, but I would appreciate if I didn't have to remind you when our time together is over. In communicating with clients I prefer not to use "explicit" language, but please feel free to ask me about things and I'll be able to tell you if we are a good fit or not. If you have specific wants, needs, or desires, don't be afraid to ask! I am a firm believer in enthusiastic consent, and I enjoy new challenges. Our time together should always be fun, exciting, stimulating, and consensual