In order for both of us to feel safe and comfortable, I always engage in a screening process with all of my clients. I find that when we both are comfortable with each other, we're able to more fully enjoy the time we spend together. I am the only person responsible for my email address and phone number, and I exercise the highest level of discretion and confidentiality with your personal information. Once I've been able to verify your identity, scheduling future dates can be done on much shorter notice. 

Before we spend time together, I'll need to know a little about who you are. Please choose one of the following...

option one

Please provide me with your first and last name, email/phone as well as 1-2 provider references, along with their websites and/or email addresses. 

option two

If  this is your first time, or you cannot provide the above forms of vouching, no problem! The following information will allow me to effectively screen you:

-Full name

-Email address
-Phone number
-City of residence

If none of these options work for you, please don't be afraid to get in touch with me-- I'm sure we can work something out!